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BAR Group Instructors

Steven J. Romano
Senior Instructor
Steve Romano.jpg

Mr. Romano spent 20 years of his law enforcement career at the FBI, where he was Chief of the Crisis Negotiation Unit of the Critical Incident Response Group. In this role he led more than 400 trained crisis negotiators in 56 field offices and was responsible for the overall operational, instructional, research, budget and personnel oversight.  During his career with the FBI, Mr. Romano was an active negotiator operationally involved in either a key leadership or advisory role in numerous hostage, barricade and kidnap incidents including the 1993 Branch Dravidians siege in Waco, the 1996 Freeman standoff in Montana and the 1999 St. Martin Parish Prison takeover in Louisiana. He also managed numerous international kidnap negotiations and was deployed to India and Ecuador.

Dietrich W. Volk
Senior Instructor
Dieter Volk.1.jpg

Mr. Volk began his professional career in 1976 as an accountant with the public accounting firm of Donnelly, Meiners and Jordan, Laventhol and Horwath.

From 1978 to 2005, Mr Volk served as a Special Agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He served in three field divisions of the FBI and conducted high profile organized crime, securities fraud, narcotics, and labor and public corruption investigations involving notable political and organized crime figures. Mr. Volk was a highly experienced certified FBI undercover operative who was the primary undercover operative in a long term undercover operation targeting fraudulent trading practices on the Chicago commodity exchanges. Mr. Volk has instructed students at the FBI Academy, in Quantico, Virginia and has provided training in the art of Detection of Deception, Interviewing and Elicitation of Information to financial services professionals throughout the United States,

John Slattery
Senior Advisor and Instructor

Mr. Slattery spent more than 30 years with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), retiring in 2008 as a member of the Senior Executive Service and serving as Deputy Assistant Director for Counterintelligence (CI) within the FBI’s National Security Branch. He had executive oversight of a multi-million dollar annual budget and numerous operational support programs; he also chaired boards, committees and national-level working groups which dealt with sensitive techniques and interagency relationships as they applied to FBI national security operations around the world. 


Mr. Slattery facilitated sensitive, operational liaison relationships between the FBI and its various partner agencies throughout his career, especially in the realm of CI, national security activities and undercover operations.  Between 2002 and 2006 he served extended assignments to executive-level management positions within the intelligence community to include Chief of the Counterespionage Group at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA); a position mandated by presidential directive and created to centralize and unify leadership surrounding CIA efforts to detect and mitigate insider threats.  Mr. Slattery also served as the Director of Public Affairs, Training & Education within the Office of the National Counterintelligence Executive (now part of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence - ODNI).

P. Michael McComas
Senior Instructor
P. Michael McComas.jpg

Mike was raised and educated in East Tennessee, obtaining a degree in Political Science from East Tennessee State University in 1974.  Immediately after graduation, Mike entered the US Army as a 2nd Lieutenant, eventually taking command of an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD - Bomb Squad) Detachment.  After completing a four-year obligation, Mike obtained certification as a police officer in Georgia before entering the FBI as a Special Agent in 1980.  He worked in six different FBI field divisions, serving primarily as an investigator with ancillary duties as a SWAT team member, sniper, undercover agent, teaching interview and interrogation techniques, and serving as a hostage negotiator, eventually being promoted to Supervisory Special Agent. His investigative experience includes but is not limited to violent crimes, white collar matters, organized crime, foreign counter intelligence, civil rights violations, computer fraud, surveillance, and child pornography.

Dr. Vickie Woosley
Senior Instructor
Vicki Woosley.jpg

Dr. Woosley, Psy.D., HSP, is a licensed clinical psychologist who provides clinical and performance psychology for Vanderbilt University's athletic department. She administers direct patient care to the student-athletes as well as consulting services for the coaches and staff.

Prior to her current endeavors Dr. Woosley retired from the Federal Bureau of Investigation with 21 years of distinguished service. While assigned to FBI headquarters she served as a Supervisory Special Agent in the psychological services unit, administering psychometric testing and evaluation to all active undercover agents and assisted in the screening, selection, training, and certification of undercover operatives. Additionally, while in the psychological services unit she consulted and taught a range of topics to local, state, federal, and international law enforcement agencies. Topics included undercover operations/techniques, street survival, and stress management. Her last assignment was as an instructor at the FBI Academy developing curriculum, teaching new agents, and analysts.

John E. Osa
Senior Instructor
John Osa.GIF

Mr. Osa spent 25 years with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), retiring in 2016 John entered on duty with the FBI in 1990 and his first office of assignment was San Antonio, Texas.

Special Agent Osa spent four years investigating Bank Fraud violations before moving to the Organized Crime/Drug Investigations Squad. There, he worked closely with the Drug Enforcement Administration, specializing in Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations and Money Laundering investigations. During his time in San Antonio, Special Agent Osa also served on task forces which investigated the Branch Davidian Siege in Waco, Texas, and the bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City.

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