The BAR Group, LLC (the “BAR Group”) is comprised a uniquely qualified group of retired law enforcement and business professionals that have developed and currently teach a cutting edge course (Unlocking the Truth) providing attendees skills in identifying deception during a non-confrontational interview, based on observed human behaviors.


Upon becoming aware of the far reaching and devastating consequences resulting from misappropriation of Trade Secrets, members of The BAR Group, LLC realized that they possessed unique expertise that could be applied to assist in addressing the Trade Secret misappropriation threat facing industry.


Employing their understanding of human behavior and the functioning of the human mind, members of The BAR Group set about reviewing reported Trade Secret misappropriation cases, and reviewed the ever increasing suggested solutions, the predominance of which, they discovered, address Trade Secret misappropriation through adoption and implementation of various Advanced Security Systems and devices. e.g. data encryption systems, internet monitoring systems, key and password protected access systems, user monitoring and reporting systems and strategic surveillance systems, to name a few.


Following such review, The BAR Group members realized that, although many of these Advanced Security Systems provided solutions addressing the MEANS by which Trade Secrets are misappropriated, they failed to target the actual source of trade secret misappropriation – the human factor.


Based on this understanding, members of the The BAR Group have developed the Insider Threat Awareness Training program designed to inoculate an organization, as part of a trade secret protection program, through education, supported by an archived testing feature to document a pre-hire candidate’s and an employee’s knowledge regarding trade secrets and the consequences resulting from violation of existing laws.


We Invite You to Explore How Your Organization May Benefit From Our Insider Threat Awareness Training program by viewing a short video.

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