Worried About Your Trade Secrets?

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Insider Threat Awareness Training

Studies have found that employee awareness training on the law is a crucial component in protecting trade secrets and intellectual property.

The BAR Group, who has taught large companies such as Microsoft, KPMG, and Cisco on how to behaviorally identify areas of risk, can help your company prevent trade secret and Intellectual property theft through a web-based interactive one-hour course on trade secret law taught by former FBI agents, including a former Deputy Assistant Director of the FBI who was responsible for intellectual property protocols.

Our Employee Awareness Training program can reduce Organization's risk by:


  • Educating your employees on trade secret laws

  • Explaining the legal importance of employee compliance with NDA's 

  • Educating your employees to observe suspicious behavioral traits to prevent possible trade secret theft 


Studies have found that employee awareness training is a crucial component in protecting trade secrets  and this is especially true since 62% of incidents are attributed to “negligent insiders”.

Pricing & Branding

The BAR Group's Insider Threat Awareness Training is totally customizable to your organization's specifications and needs.  Branding with your organizations logo and message is possible.


Please click the button below to contact a representative to discuss pricing structures and branding opportunities.

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