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Are Your Organization's Trade Secrets Safe?

With the dramatic increase in stolen trade secrets and intellectual property, educating an organization’s employees, both in the office and working remotely, on how to protect intellectual property is crucial.  Our Employee Awareness Training can help keep your company’s confidential information safe. 

Do your employees understand their responsibilities in protecting your organization's trade secrets and intellectual property?  Our 60 minute online training course will educate and reinforce their responsibilities and best practice in handling your trade secrets and intellectual property.

Our Employee Awareness Training program can reduce your organization's risk by:


  • Educating your employees on trade secret laws

  • Explaining the legal importance of employee compliance with NDA's 

  • Educating your employees to observe suspicious behavioral traits to prevent possible trade secret theft 


Studies have found that employee awareness training is a crucial component in protecting trade secrets  and this is especially true since 62% of incidents are attributed to “negligent insiders”.


The information in the following three-minute video could be vital to your organization’s welfare.  

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After viewing the video above, click here to learn more about protecting your organization and employees in these difficult times.
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